Are you able to receive payment in the form of cheque or cash?

We are no longer able to receive payment in the form of cheque or cash.

Do you still offer a subsidized rate if I am not able to afford the class?

Community Programs strives to make extra curricular activities accessible for all students. If you apart of the City of Vancouver's Leisure Access Program, you are eligible for a discounted rate.

Is a proration available if I am late to sign up?

At this time, proration is not available. Registration will close at 8:00pm on the first day of each class.


Can my child try a class before I register for the full term?

If you and your child are unsure about the class and want to try a class before committing to the full term, please contact the Community Programs Coordinator for more information.

What happens if the class I registered for is cancelled?

As we are a non-profit society, we are unable to run classes that do not have enough registrants to float the class. If the class you have registered for is cancelled, you will receive a notification via email and a full refund.

What if my child is not registered in JKC Bayview or Bayview Elementary? 

All children are welcome to register for Community Programs at Bayview elementary. If your child is not enrolled in JKC Bayview, the child must be dropped off and picked up.

What happens if the class I wish to register my child in is full?

Community Programs tries to meet the demands of families by offering more than one class for programs that are popular. If a class does fill up, there is currently no waitlist being held. We suggest checking the program availability daily.


What happens if an instructor misses a class?

Make-up sessions will be offered for canceled sessions. Instructors will email parents if they must miss a class and arrange a make-up class.

Are Instructors responsible for ensuring the attendance of my child to their class?

Before each class, instructors will make an announcement over the intercom to remind students of the program. Although instructors keep an attendance list, if the child does not show up to the class, the instructor is not responsible for finding the child. If your child needs additional assistance getting to class, or has specific needs, please contact both the Community Programs Coordinator and the instructor of the class.


Still have a question?

Our friendly Community Programs Coordinator is willing to answer all of your questions. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns.